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How do you make money?

Beagle is free for users! Instead of charging you or selling your data we take a small commission from the retailers that we work with when our users go through to their site and make a purchase.
There’s no upfront cost - we only get paid when we’re making money for the retailers. We don’t accept payments from retailers who want to be listed, or to be prioritised. We have an independent process for verifying that the products we feature are the best, most sustainable, options in each category.

How do you decide which brands or products to feature?

As you would expect, the team at Beagle are barking mad about sustainable shopping. We spend our waking hours searching for the best products online, and our sleeping hours dreaming about them. We’ve defined 5 key pillars of sustainability, and all of our products contribute to one or more.
These pillars are: Reducing Waste, Minimising Emissions, Supporting Workers, Protecting Animals, Avoiding Chemicals. We find products that support these pillars, using an evidence-based approach and leveraging existing certifications wherever possible to make sure that these brands are really as good as they say they are. You can read more detail about our process in our dedicated blog post.

I’m a retailer and I’d like you to feature my products.

We’d love to hear from you! Please complete our brand partners signup form and let us know more about yourself. We’ll review all brands and products, applying our sustainability criteria to ensure they are genuinely good products for our users and for the planet.

What do you mean by sustainability?

Great question! We define it as products or services which minimise their impact on the planet, on people and on animals.
We know that everyone has aspects of sustainability that they are particularly passionate about. Within the members dashboard of the Beagle Button you can select your preferences and we will suggest alternatives that best match those preferences.

How do preferences work?

Within your account in the Beagle Button you can select tags which mean the most to you. Then when you’re browsing online, we’ll dig into our database of products and services to find an alternative that best matches your preferences. We’re working super hard to build our database out, but there may be times where we don’t have an alternative that perfectly matches the preferences you have selected. In this case, we’ll show you the next best alternatives that we have. Rest assured, anything that we show you has still been rigorously tested to ensure it matches our sustainability criteria.

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