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We spend £5 billion every year making our homes clean, most of the products we use are dirty - they leach beyond our four walls to create an almighty mess. It’s time for an appealing alternative to polluting plastic products.

The Seep Story

Seep believe everyone should be able to carry out household chores without hurting our planet. That’s why they’ve created a plastic free range of home care products, including sponges, cloths and bin liners, that are gentle on people, the planet, and the eye.

Why they're sustainable

Organic Organic
Plastic-Free Plastic-Free
Vegan Vegan
Long-Lasting Long-Lasting
Ethically Made Ethically Made
Low-Carbon Low-Carbon
Harmful Chemical Free Harmful Chemical Free
Women-Run Women-Run
Gives Back Gives Back
Made in the UK Made in the UK
Recyclable Recyclable
Biodegradable Biodegradable
Plant-Based Plant-Based
Sustainably Sourced Sustainably Sourced
B Corporation B Corporation

Why they're a Beagle Eco Hero

The majority of sponges, just like the one in your sink that you used this very morning are actually made of plastic!

Every minute of every day we bin 1,000 kitchen sponges. That's 1,440,000 sponges every day. And the majority are virgin plastic.

But there is another way. Seep design circular products made from sustainable and renewable materials. They're long lasting and hard working. When they have finally outlived their usefulness, they are biodegradable and can be chucked directly in your home compost. Pro tip: chop up the sponges to speed up the composting process.

Seep's ranges makes of reliable, hard working kitchen alternatives make for an effortless sustainable swap. Minimising your impact on the planet with no impact on your cleaning routine.

Our top pick

Seep's eco sponge is 100% plastic free, with a loofah scourer that means it is as suited to scrubbing dishes as it is wiping up spills.