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Since 1988, Komodo has been making clothing from sustainable fabrics and has been dedicated to supporting charitable social projects in the communities they work with.

The Komodo Story

The brand was founded by a group of friends travelling together, 'a brand born out of a backpack', who were inspired by the amazing talent and people they met on their adventure. Komodo blends colourful and interesting high-quality fabrics with English styles, supporting traditional fabric making and innovation, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and supporting projects with their suppliers around the world.

Komodo's Sustainability Story

Since the beginning Komodo's business ethics have always been a priority, and so they maintain close relationships with the factories that they support, visiting frequently to maintain quality and ensure fair working conditions.

They also have a long history of supporting charities and social projects that have crossed the path of founder Mark Bloom (aka Joe Komodo) over the years, raising both awareness and funds which enable these organisations to continue their important work. Through their 1% for the Planet membership, they are helping the Sumatran Orangutan Society to restore rainforests. They also support the Tibet Relief Fund, and Sunrise Orphanage Kathmandu, supporting Tibetan and Nepali communities.

Aside from their excellent social projects and relationships with their suppliers, Komodo uses a range of sustainable fabrics for their collections and are wholly committed to having a positive impact.

Organic Organic
Vegan Vegan
Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
Ethically Made Ethically Made
Gives Back Gives Back
Recycled Recycled
Upcycled Upcycled
Handmade Handmade
Certified Organic Certified Organic
1% For The Planet 1% For The Planet

Why they're a Beagle Eco Hero

Komodo is an Eco-Hero to us because of their dedication to caring for the people who work for them, through long-standing relationships with suppliers and projects to support the communities they work in. They are extremely transparent about the working conditions of their factories, which you can read all about. They also minimise their environmental impact through the use of sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, recycled PET, hemp, Tencel, and more. They're a long-standing ethical brand, who makes a tangible difference to the lives of the people they work with, and are remarkable in their dedication and transparency. They have accomplished this while still offering a range of beautiful, high quality garments, and their accomplishments with their charity partners is what makes them an Eco-Hero!

Our Top Choice

This comfortable, everyday dress is GOTS Certified, made from 100% GOTS Certified Cotton, machine washable at 30º Eco, and can be styled for many occasions making it an excellent addition to a sustainable capsule wardrobe.