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Over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use. Only 14% of plastic even makes it to a recycling centre while 9% is actually recycled. Small changes, make a big impact - and that includes your beauty routine.

The Beauty Kitchen Story

Jo founded Beauty Kitchen in 2014, after finding it hard to come by truly effective products that considered sustainable packaging and ingredients. After studying chemistry at university and becoming passionate about botany, Jo began to experiment and perfect her own products. From there, Beauty Kitchen was born, and the team has continued to provide effective, natural, and sustainable beauty care all over the world. Every product in their award-winning range has been designed with sustainability at its heart.

Why They're Sustainable

Organic Organic
Plastic-Free Plastic-Free
Vegan Vegan
Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
Harmful Chemical Free Harmful Chemical Free
Women-Run Women-Run
Gives Back Gives Back
Recycled Recycled
Made in the UK Made in the UK
Recyclable Recyclable
Palm Oil Free Palm Oil Free
Biodegradable Biodegradable
Minimising Waste Packaging Minimising Waste Packaging
Reusable Reusable
Award Winning Award Winning
Refillable Refillable
Plant-Based Plant-Based
Sustainably Sourced Sustainably Sourced
Plants Trees Plants Trees
Made in Britain Made in Britain
Vegan trademark Vegan trademark
B Corporation B Corporation
Leaping Bunny Leaping Bunny

Why they're a Beagle Eco-Hero

Founder Jo is a sustainability expert, chemist, herbal botanist and of course, the Founder of Beauty Kitchen. Jo designed and launched 'Return · Refill · Repeat', the world's first closed loop solution for beauty packaging. When you return your empties to Beauty Kitchen, they wash and reuse them for full circle sustainability. The goal is to save up to 10 million empties from landfill within 18 months.

Beauty Kitchen donates 2% of sales to their incredible charity partners, including Plastic Soup Foundation and The Seahorse Trust. Their entire range is Leaping Bunny and Zero Plastic Inside certified, meaning the entire range is cruelty-free and contains no microplastics. For over 95% of their products, they are also registered with The Vegan Society.

They've partnered with Earthly to plant a Mangrove tree with every order over £10.00 One mangrove tree plant removes 308kg of C02 from the atmosphere over the course of its life. So far, they have planted over 6,000 to support the forests of Madagascar. The offer a 30 day guarantee, you can return any products you aren't happy with and have partnered with ReRe to create a Reusable Packaging programme.

Our Top Pick

Each Beauty Kitchen Shampoo Bar saves 2 plastic bottles. This award-winning zero waste shampoo alternative lathers up a dream and lasts for up to 70 washes! The perfect choice if you are looking to reduce plastic in your bathroom. Bouncy, shiny hair with zero waste (did we mention the packaging is compostable)