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The Best Sustainable Ethical Products for Staying Warm This Winter

While learning how to reduce your energy usage is part of any solution to bringing down rising bills, when you haven't got the heating on, being smart about heating yourself and heating your home can also play an important part in staying warm this winter.

Did you know that the 27 million odd homes in the UK contribute around 15% of Britain's greenhouse gas emissions? And we have one of the least energy efficient housing stocks in Europe, which means it's even more important for us to be conscious of our energy use in winter.

As energy bills increase, no matter what size of home you're in, keeping warm without resorting to turning up the thermostat is not only kind to your pocket but it also helps to keep those emissions down.

Scroll down for our tips on staying warm this winter and supporting the best ethical brands while you're at it.

Layer up

Learn to layer up with base layers that keep the heat in and allow your skin to breathe. They work by trapping air between the layers to insulate your body.

Cult eco brand and leading B Corp, Patagonia, are famous for their base layers and hikers and outdoor adventurers have sworn by them for years, so take a leaf out of their book.

Patagonia's thermal base layers are made with 68% recycled fibres and last for years. Patagonia also has an official secondhand storefor a cheaper option.

Layering isn't just for your torso either. Think about your toes and treat your feet to a pair of long-lasting thick socks. Darn Tough's merino wool socks are knitted to withstand a rugged lifestyle and if they don't, the brand will replace them, so you really are buying one pair for life.

Invest in a decent duvet

We spend a third of our lives in bed and in winter we want these spaces to be cosy, so a decent duvet is key. Wool duvets are not only 100% natural and hypoallergenic but also temperature regulating meaning it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Piglet in Bed have a Merino Wool duvet which comes encased in organic cotton. Look after your duvet and it will last a decade.

Put down a rug

Layering up isn't just for you, think about layering up in your home as well. Tiles or vinyl flooring can be cold and floorboards can let a lot of hot air escape between the gaps, so keep the heat in with rugs.

Hug Rug's runners are made from recycled plastic in Yorkshire and are perfect for keeping your hallways (and feet) less cold.

Throw it on

Stay warm on the sofa this winter, by investing in a decent throw that will last for many winters to come.

Snuggle up while watching your favourite series after a hard day's work and tuck a cosy, ethically made throw around you.

Also Home have a range of warm, 100% cotton throws made in Portugal, at ethically certified factories, that look fantastic and will keep you nice and toasty week in, week out.

Pick up a pair of pyjamas

If we're talking about heating the human, it's time to admit PJs can play a big role this winter while we're sitting still or in bed. PJs don't have to be naff; bright colours and bold prints mean PJs can be seriously stylish and sustainable to boot.

Nightire use sustainable bamboo to keep you warm. Their long PJ sets are super comfortable to curl up in and they won't wear out in a hurry.

Slip on some slippers

Keeping our feet out of the cold is an easy way to avoid getting cold this winter. Slip them into some seriously soft and snuggly slippers but try and avoid polyester or man-made versions because once you're done with them they won't biodegrade and there is no infrastructure to recycle slippers.

Shepherd of Sweden create theirs from 100% sheepskin and make them mostly by hand, based on timeless Swedish designs.

Keep moving

Stay warm by introducing a regular fitness class or yoga session into your evenings, from the comfort of your home. While there are plenty of free yoga classes on YouTube, a decent yoga mat will help your practice no end.

Make it a natural mat with Cork Yogis, who make non-slip, anti-bacterial mats from sustainably sourced cork from Portugal. Work up a sweat on your living room floor, the cork mat won't slip or smell afterwards, but you'll stay warm for longer.

Author Georgina Wilson-Powell is the editor of Pebble Magazine, your guide to stylish, sustainable living. Pebble Magazine is all about living a good life full of adventures, where eco-friendly and ethical is just how things are done.