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Take Our Sustainability Challenge

Our sustainability challenge

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the state of the planet?

Are you 'eco-curious' but unsure where to start or if your efforts will truly make a difference?

Are you looking for some structure and gentle accountability to turn your good intentions into impactful actions?

Join us on a transformative journey towards a sustainable future, where we embrace imperfection and empower you to make a difference. Together, we can create positive change for our planet and inspire others to join the movement.

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Join the millions of people stepping up to shape a better future for the planet.

How it works

Over the next 30 days we’ll send you one challenge per day. 30-day challenges are scientifically proven to cultivate lasting habits. Each challenge is designed to take no more than 15 minutes.

This isn’t about perfection. This is a non-judgemental approach designed to help you discover ways to live a greener lifestyle. Progress is the name of the game.

Each challenge will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, saving you money or greening your lifestyle.


The climate crisis is fuelled by an over-consumption crisis, stepping out of the over-consumption cycle will change your life.

You’ve heard of retail therapy but just wait for the buzz you get from reducing your waste.

A huge amount of our consumption is just social conditioning. We've created a culture of buying stuff to feel good, solve problems, have the latest thing.

But does any of this stuff really make you feel better? What happens if we break free?

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