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Sustainable Sports Bras: 5 Great Eco-Friendly Options

So you’re ready to hit the gym and you want a sports bra that’s stylish, supportive and sustainable. An impossible mission? Not when you’ve got us in your corner. We’ve scouted out the best sustainable sports bras, so you don’t have to.

What we look for

Finding a good sports bra can be tricky at the best of times. You have to find a good fit, the right level of support, and a design that you like. And when you’re looking to shop sustainably there’s (sadly) less on the market. We’ll be honest, it’s hard to find one product that ticks all the boxes. But we’ve tried to find a range so there’s something for everyone. And the non-negotiable for all of them is sustainability (because what’s more important than the planet!?).

What makes a good sustainable sports bra?

Eco-friendly materials

Natural materials are always great. But honestly, when it comes to workouts, the best materials are often synthetic. They’re better at wicking away that sweat! But never fear – they don’t need to be raw synthetic materials. Recycled nylon and elastane do the job too.

A fabulous finish

They can do all sorts of clever things with fabric these days. Did you know you can add special coatings to sportswear to stop them getting as smelly? So clever. Quite a few sports bras on a list have antimicrobial, antibiotic and even antiviral coatings to keep them in tip top condition and keep you smelling of roses.


There’s no point buying a “sustainable” sports bra if you’ve got to chuck it away after a few months. The longer an item lasts, the better. Less waste, and no need to buy more new products. We also love companies that offer free repairs. It’s the way forward!

Sensible production volumes

Waste is bad. Producing way too many clothes to sell is silly. We’ve looked for companies who make sensible amounts and send less to landfill. Sure, you might have to wait a bit longer for your order sometimes. But it makes it all the sweeter when that package lands on the doorstep!

Best ethical sports bras

Best for: price & support

Tala founder Grace Beverly wanted to make sustainable sportswear at inclusive prices. She’s transparent about the fact that she’s made her line as affordable as possible without compromising on sustainability. Tala sports bras tend to offer more support than some other sustainable brands, so we recommend them for runners or larger-chested ladies (especially the Ixia and Skinluxe styles).

Best for: design variety & free repairs

Patagonia are sustainable sportswear legends – we love them! They’re also totally transparent about support, to help you pick the right sports bra for you. This means you’re less likely to have to send it back – less annoying for you, less harmful to the planet! For example, they advise that their Cross Beta sports bra is better for A/B cups, while their Wild Trails sports bra offers high-impact support for B/C cups and medium support for D+ cups. And as with all their clothing, you can send ‘em back for repairs if they get a bit worn out!

Best for: comfort & adjustability

SOS is a small brand with big ideas. They make super sportswear that provides alternatives to the big bad mainstream brands. No nasties and no overproduction here! They make sportswear out of recycled nylon, recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. And they’re happy to hold their hands up and say “We made too much” (literally, that’s what the sale section of their website is called). While high street stores make new, cheap items specifically for their sales, SOS want to keep waste to a minimum and make sure all their products go to a loving home.

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Best for: support & larger cup sizes

If super support’s what you’re after, then Elle Evans is a safe bet. As well as making products that protect the planet, they cater for all shapes and sizes. They get that some people need an extra boost in their sports bra. Fear not, Elle Evans has your back (and your front)!

Best for: style & low impact exercise

Girlfriend Collective offer style and sustainability all rolled into one. Their iconic matching bra and leggings sets are more than Instagram-worthy. And not only do they use 100% recycled plastic to make their garments – they look after their employees too. Think fair wages, free meals, guided exercise breaks and free health check-ups. In a world of sweatshops and worker exploitation, this is what we love to see. You can don your Girlfriend sports bra guilt free!

Break a sustainable sweat…

…but not from looking for ethical sportswear! Let us do the hard work for you. We’ve sniffed out the best sustainable sportswear around. Just install Beagle Button in your browser to see ethical and sustainable options when you’re surfing the net! So you can work out without worrying what to wear.

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