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How to stay active and sustainable

Who said home workouts couldn’t be effective, fashion forward and sustainable all at once? Gyms might be closed worldwide but that doesn’t have to stop us staying active and healthy. All we need is a little inspiration… That’s where the Beagle Button comes in. We’re here to help you find sustainable products that actually look great and perform well, so you don’t have to sweat over what to buy – save that for the workout!

Here are four ways to inspire your fitness routine, whilst respecting the environment.

All the Gear: Get changed!

Form fitting, flattering workout gear can encourage you to stay active. To get your head in the game you need to be dressed for the occasion. Grab those leggings and sweat shorts and jump into action! If you need something new, there are so many amazing online sports brands that offer eco-friendly and ethical clothing. Beagle has got you covered. Our Chrome Browser Extension suggests sustainable sports gear that will spruce up any home workout. Here are some suggestions:

Organics Basics:

Matching Leggings and Sports Bra (Recycled materials) Men’s Silver Tech Active Tee (Recycled materials)


Zinnia Leggings (Up-cycled polyamide)


Sports Bra (Up-cycled Ocean Plastic):


Some sports are super simple. Gentle stretching, yoga and home workout Youtube tutorials let you workout from home equipment-free, which is fantastic. Right now it isn’t easy to get outside, or you might not want to. Online platforms including Lululemon and ‘Barre’ ballet App have released free content to push you to stay in shape at home. Other free apps including Run Keeper and Nike make it easier to track your fitness progression and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We know how hard it can be hard to motivate yourself to workout at home. Using apps can structure your time more efficiently and track your journey. There is a plethora of paid apps that are more comprehensive and focus on specific fitness goals. The Shreddy App provides workout videos, recipes, meal plans and live classes to push you further. Getting fit alone is challenging. Apps like Shreddy or the Vegan Aesthetic have a community feature, which provides external support and maintains motivation. You don’t have to workout alone for it to count.

Grab and Go: The equipment

Some sports require equipment, such as running shoes or even a bike.

Go on a walk:

If you are in the fortunate position where you have access to the great outdoors, use it. Lace up your hiking boots or slip into your wellingtons, and trudge through the country side.

Hiking boots support your ankles and arches, so investing in a sturdy pair will minimise the stress put on your body. We at Beagle suggest these Waterproof Hiking boots. Will’s footwear promises durable boots that are both good for your feet and for the planet. This Brand boasts of being certified Carbon Neutral, cruelty free and vegan. Wellington boots are crucial in the UK. If you’re out and about there is bound to be mud. Hunter boots are a staple, and now they have developed a ReBoot end-of-life option for recycling your boots when they are broken. Try to consider not only what you are buying now, but also what options there are for disposing of a purchase once you cannot use it.


Trainers. A sports essential. These Tropic Feel Trainers are made for working out. Beagle has sniffed out these odourless trainers ideal for exercise on any terrain. They are lightweight, fast drying and competitively priced. The great thing about sports equipment is you don’t always have to look very hard to find sustainable options. Big brands are now stocking them. Adidas for example has designed the Ultra Boost Trainers. Using Upcycled Ocean plastic Adidas has designed a high performance trainer, which will consciously kick your butt into shape.


Cycling is a sustainable form of exercise. A bike lets you zoom around freely. Now is the perfect time to get out on your bike; the roads are emptier than ever, and news reports are publishing that air pollution is at a low. If you have a bike use it. If you have a damaged bike, repair it! Maintaining and repairing equipment is more effective in reducing waste than buying sustainably is. First try to fix what you have to hand, only then responsibly replace it. You can buy individual bike parts: Bjorn’s bike frame is produced using 60% recycled stainless steel and packaged in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. This company even offsets all its carbon emissions from manufacturing and shipping.

If you are going to buy a bike to be active make sure the bike itself is ‘green.’ Bamboo Cycles bikes are reliable, lightweight and made of sustainable materials. The frame is made of bamboo. This might appear strange but do not dismiss it… Bamboo can withstand twice the compression force of steel.

Home workout Equipment:

Resistance Bands: The little things make all the difference. Resistance bands are shockingly effective and transform body-weight workouts. They allow you to target specific body parts without dumbbells or free weights. The BND band is made of fabric, meaning it is comfortable and it doesn’t slide around like the plastic alternatives. These are vegan, do not contain latex and are cheap.

Yoga mats:

When you unroll a yoga mat it marks the start of a workout or a practice. Cheap yoga mats tend to be made of single-use plastic, and are therefore very damaging to the environment. The practice of yoga is meant to centre and clear your mind; we believe your equipment should therefore also be consciously purchased. The Hej-hej mat is ethically made of recycled materials. If you prefer a different material this cork mat from Sustainable Yoga will comfortably cushion your yoga practice.

Pre/Post Workout Nutrition:

Being active and moving your body help you attain a higher level of fitness. We are constantly reminded that exercise releases endorphins; so moving your body clears your mind and improves your mood. However, it does not stop there. Being healthy is not only about working out. It is paramount that you balance exercise with recovery and nutrition.

Stay hydrated.

Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day, and especially during your workout. To ensure you stay hydrated, have a bottle on you at all times. This will both encourage you to drink more water, and it will remove the need to buy single use plastic. You can buy a water bottle anywhere; it can be a cheap off brand or an on-trend Chilly’s Bottle. If you want another handy Beagle top tip Klean Kanteen bottles are fantastic. Their bottles are made of stainless steel, and are climate neutral.


Start you day how you plan to go on. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Tuck into a bowl of porridge, or enjoy some granola such as Zanna Van Dijk’s Salted Carmel Peanut Crunch. Healthy doesn’t have to equal flavourless. This brand tastes ‘so frinkin’ awesome,’ her words not ours. It is high in protein, packaged in 100% compostable bags and plant based. Eating clean first thing will encourage better habits throughout the day. There are countless websites that will inspire you to cook more and eat better without compromising on taste. For example Avant Garde Vegan is an award-winning chef who has collaborated with Wagamama and released three cookbooks. If you want a balanced, nutritious and gorgeous meal check out his online recipes. His high protein meal prepping recipes are a perfect compliment to any home workout.

It is key that we balance healthy eating with treating ourselves when we need to. Sustaining the balance of being active, working out and eating clean can be tough. It is a relief to know that there are cupboard snacks available when you need a quick bite. Deliciously Ella’s chewy Energy Balls pack a punch, and if you want you can even make them yourself. She has released 1000s of recipes focused on health, including these date balls. If you prefer post-workout supplements the MyVegan Recovery Blend is designed to help your body bounce back and recovery after a workout.

How the Beagle Button can help

Here at Beagle we are using these tips to stay active and safe. We hope our suggestions can also inspire you to jazz up your fitness routine. If you want more suggestions on balancing fitness and sustainability, go to joinbeagle.com and join the waiting list for our browser extension! It will gently guide you towards eco-friendly shopping, not only for workout related goods but also anything from a pair of headphones to cleaning products. But for now, try one of these workouts! Good luck.

A quick note

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