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Five sustainable UK clothing brands to look out for in 2020

With an ever-increasing selection of fashion brands producing more ethical and sustainable clothing, here at Beagle we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite brands, who go above and beyond simply just producing sustainable garments. We hope you love these brands as much as we do, and don’t forget to download the Beagle Button for more great products and brands, handpicked by us specially for you.

United Change Makers

Great if you’re into:

  • Women’s casual styling

  • Organic denim

  • The skater-girl look

Beagle sniffed this out because it’s:

  • Organic

  • Ethically made

  • Saves water

United Change Makers aim is simple, to create a sustainable denim collection made from eco-friendly materials, without having to compromise on style and affordability. One of the reasons we at Beagle love this brand is their dedication to producing more environmentally friendly denim. They do this by working with a team in Indonesia who recycle the water they use for their garments, making the production and output much less water intensive and better for the environment. In comparison, an average pair of jeans takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce, but United Change Makers are dedicated to reducing their waste output, and are always on the lookout for new ways to become more sustainable.

One of our favourite products are their relaxed fit dungarees with pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, made from 100% cotton organic fabric which is GOTS certified.


Great if you’re into:

  • Activewear & athleisure

  • Up-cycled fabrics

  • Brand & supply chain transparency

Beagle sniffed this out because it’s:

  • Harmful chemical free

  • Low carbon

  • Upcycled

Tala is a womenswear brand providing on-trend and sustainable clothing and activewear. The brand is currently 92% of the way to becoming completely upcycled, with all their packaging being completely recyclable and tags being made from plantable paper which you can even plant and watch grow!

Tala use Q-Nova, a fully upcycled and environmentally friendly nylon fibre, which has been regenerated from raw materials, rather than using chemical processes. We love their Zinnia leggings, which are flattering and have been crafted to provide the perfect balance between compression and stretch, ideal for workouts and available in a range of colours.

Stay Wild

Great if you’re into:

  • Stylish swimwear

  • Clothing with a purpose

Beagle sniffed this out because it’s:

  • Made in the UK

  • Built to last

  • Exceeding ethical standards

A swimwear brand with a difference, Stay Wild produce swimwear with a purpose, made from regenerated ocean plastic fighting both the issue of plastic pollution, and helping contribute to a solution. By using Econyl material, Stay Wild are helping the environment by building swimwear to last, and only collaborating with the best ethical suppliers.

We recommend Stay Wild’s swimwear as not only do they meet ethical industry standards, the exceed them by paying higher wages and having world class working conditions, not to mention all the stylish pieces they have to offer, ranging from sizes 6-18.

Ninety Percent

Great if you’re into:

  • Luxury basics

  • Putting the planet first

  • Clothing built to last

Beagle sniffed this out because it’s:

  • Giving back to charitable causes

  • Organic

  • Transparent

Ninety Percent really stands out to us here at Beagle as not only do they produce garments with organic, sustainable materials, but they also share 90% of their profits with charitable causes, which can be voted for once you make a purchase. From essential basics to printed shirts, Ninety Percent has all your fashion needs covered.


Great if you’re into:

  • Recycled clothing

  • Colourful wardrobe essentials

  • Fashion-forward ideas

Beagle sniffed this out because it’s:

  • Vegan & cruelty free

  • Using the latest textile innovations

  • Giving back to the environment

Pangaia is on a mission to help save our environment by creating essential products, using the latest smart technology, using as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible in their clothing. We love Pangia because they don’t just stop there, they partner with organisations including SeaTrees, who plant one mangrove tree for every item sold by Pangia. These trees have the ability to store up to a tonne of CO2, helping to reverse tackle climate change a long with providing a habitat for threatened species.

One of our favourite products on offer are their puffer jackets, made from flower down, an alternative to goose down. Flower down is made from natural dried wild flowers and works as the perfect cruelty free, vegan material. The wild flowers used in this jacket are sourced from areas which contribute to habitat restoration.

Who are we again?

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