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Building a sustainable bed, from frame to bedding

If you’re anything like us, your bed is one of your favourite places. And it’s a big purchase too – so you want to make sure you get it right.

But where to start? There’s the bed frame, the mattress, pillows, duvets and bedding to think about. Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here’s our round-up of what makes a sustainable bed and our top recommendations for the most planet-friendly purchases.

Disclaimer – this article features a couple of affiliate links, meaning that if you follow the links and buy a product, we get a small commission. Rest assured though – these are all bona fide Beagle recommendations!

Sustainable bed frames

When it comes to the bed frame, second-hand frames or ones built using reclaimed materials are the most planet-friendly options. Next is sustainably sourced wood. This means wood felled from well-managed forests where new trees are planted and local flora and fauna is looked after. Here are some good places to look!

Green Woods Furniture


Green Woods have a shop in Bristol but you can order from them online too. They tailor any bed frame to your measurements, so you can keep hold of your existing mattress if it’s still good. All their products are either made from reclaimed wood or responsibly sourced timber. Plus, some of their profits go into maintaining and improving local woodland! Absolute champs.



Myakka sell stunning Indian furniture sourced ethically and through Fair Trade. They’re the place to go if you’re looking for something a bit fancy like a headboard with intricate wood carvings or bohemian details. As well as sourcing sustainable timber, they only transport their products by sea (no pesky planes) and keep packaging to a minimum.

Barker and Stonehouse Reclaimed


Teeside company Barker and Stonehouse is a household name, but unlike lots of larger chains, these guys are making a real effort to reduce their environmental impact. As well as being certified Carbon Neutral Plus, they’ve got a range of reclaimed wooden bedframes. So if you’re a fan of their style, it’s worth keeping an eye out for their reclaimed range!



According to Ethical Consumer Magazine, Dunelm score best among the high street furniture retailers when it comes to sustainability. They’ve got tonnes of sustainability initiatives, including diverting 97% of their waste from landfill (aiming for 100%) and offering pickup and recycling of old unwanted products. A great place to bag a bed, we think.

Sustainable mattresses

When it comes to choosing an eco-friendly mattress, it’s all about the materials it’s made from – are they organic? Responsibly sourced? Recycled?

But think about what happens at the end of the mattress’s life too. Is it easily recyclable? Or even better – biodegradable? Here are a few good options that we love…



Naturalmat mattresses are made completely from organic materials, locally sourced down in Devon. These materials, like coir, mohair, cotton and natural latex, are all biodegradable. So when you’re done with your mattress, the whole thing will break down and return to nature. Neat!

Snoozel Green


Snoozel Green set out to offer an eco-friendly alternative to the increasingly popular “mattress in a box”. Their mattresses are made entirely from certified organic materials and are free from chemicals – which they claim is great for your sleep hygiene as well as the planet. Win-win.

Silentnight Eco Comfort range


Silentnight’s Eco Comfort range uses recycled plastic bottles as a raw material, to stop them ending up in landfill. Plus, they have a recycling service where you can send back your old mattress to be made into shiny new things.

Sustainable bedding

Look out for lots of the same green flags when it comes to eco-friendly bedding – organic or recycled materials, company efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, and proper sustainability certifications. None of those false eco claims, thank you very much.



Wearth is a great place to start for ethical homewares, including bedding. They have a huge range of eco-friendly products, such as this ultra soft bamboo bed set and this organic cotton throw – perfect for adding an extra flourish to your boudoir.



ECOSOPHY have a gorgeous range of simple yet stylish bed sets that are all ethically made using organic and linen. Their yarns and dyes are GOTS-certified and produced in farms and factories where workers are fairly paid and treated. Just what we like to see!

Linen Cupboard


As well as bedding sets, Linen Cupboard also sell sustainable duvets and pillows, to complete your eco-friendly bed set-up. Their vegan Smartdown duvets are made using recycled plastic bottles, while their Tencel duvets are made from eucalyptus tree pulp. Nifty.

Say hello to sustainable slumber

Hopefully we’ve set you off on the right foot for a decent doze. But there’s a whole host of companies out there offering amazing eco-friendly options. If you’re struggling to see the reclaimed wood for the pulped eucalyptus trees, try downloading The Beagle Button. It takes the work out of your sustainability struggle by offering eco-friendly alternatives in your browser as you shop online.

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