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5 Plastic-free Subscription Services to Save

This plastic-free July, we explored 5 brands that are subscription services, that do an amazing job providing plastic-free alternatives (So you can ditch that Amazon subscription!) The easiest thing about subscriptions? You never have to wonder if you've forgotten to get it from the shops!

Before choosing a subscription box, it's worth considering if these are items you already buy regularly- that's why we've included a list of subscriptions for items you may already buy and use nearly every day. These subscription services are also cost-effective relative to other sustainable purchases of a similar kind.

1. HomeThings

Conventional cleaning products are often 90% water, which is causing huge waste in shipping; and even major retailers 'eco' ranges still come wrapped in plastic! Did you know that you can avoid all that? Homethings offers household cleaning essentials in gel sachets that are fully biodegradeable. Homethings covers the majority of your cleaning needs, sending you only what you really need without the unnecessary water. You can get a big bundle of refillable and sustainable cleaning products at the best price, making a saving compared to buying the products individually. You can enter the code BEAGLE20 at checkout to get 20% off your order.


Most kinds of toothpaste on the market are still tested on animals, are packaged in non-recyclable single-use plastic, and contain ingredients derived from palm oil which is contributing to the deforestation of rainforests. PÄRLA ticks all the boxes for eco-friendly tooth care, and we're truly impressed. The subscription arrives every 4 months, so you can receive your supply of toothpaste tabs in a plant-based package delivered right to your door.

3. Cheeky Panda

Cheeky Panda offers any sort of tissue you could need, all made from sustainable bamboo and plastic-free. Toilet tissue, tissues for the face, kitchen roll, or any kind of single-use tissue that traditionally has been made from resource-intense materials and wrapped in single-use plastic. Instead, Cheeky Panda offers an alternative that we feel is far better for us and for the environment. The best thing about it? You can customise your subscription to get your orders every month, so you'll never have to emergency order loo roll from amazon again. We count that as a win!

4. Coffee & Kin Coffee Subscription

Looking to treat yourself (or someone else)? Consider a gift subscription to Coffee & Kin's coffee & chocolate club- sending artisanal coffees and chocolates to your door every month. Coffee & Kin shares compostable coffee pods, which are compatible with a pre-existing Nespresso machine. They're also manufactured using renewable energy, and donate 1p to mental health charity Blurt.

5. Riverford

Organic fruits and veggies can be challenging to get your hands on, but no worries. Riverford Organics delivers seasonal fruits and veggies right to your door, and has been supporting soil, wildlife, and local farms and communities for over 30 years. You can order your veg box to have zero packaging, and all packaging used comes in paper or home compostable packaging if needed. You can order fruits and vegetables that have been 100% grown in the UK or are 100% seasonal. It's a beautiful array of vegetables, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their produce is sustainable and ethically sourced.

Why choose subscription?

Subscription boxes are a great way to enjoy eco-friendly products, because you can enjoy the gift of a delivery! In some cases, subscription boxes can save you money, because you receive more of the product in a single package. For businesses, this also supports them in their eco-friendly mission. They're an absolute joy to give to others and to receive, and they'll support you along your eco-friendly journey.

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