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5 eco-friendly washing-up liquid brands

Washing up: no one likes it, but someone’s gotta do it. And while you’re getting your pots and pans squeaky clean, why not be as kind to the planet as possible? Like all household products, everything has an impact, and even the bubbles you scrub your plates with can make a difference.

What makes an eco-friendly dish soap?

There are various things to consider when choosing a more sustainable washing-up liquid. Here’s what we keep our eyes peeled for here at Beagle:


We all know the problems with single-use plastic. Washing-up liquid bottles are one of those items that are only used for a short time before being thrown away. There are some great companies who get around this issue by using plastic-free packaging or offering refills. And if you do buy washing-up liquid in a plastic bottle, go for recycled plastic and reuse or recycle the container when you’re finished with it.


SLS is short for sodium laureth sulfate and it’s the chemical that makes soaps and shampoos lather up to remove dirt and grease. SLS is usually derived from petroleum or palm oil, so the production process can be harmful to the environment. We’d recommend buying a washing-up liquid that is either SLS-free or uses responsibly-sourced SLS.


Buying concentrated washing-up liquid that you mix with water yourself is a great way to avoid both plastic packaging and the shipment of heavier containers of water. Often, concentrated washing-up liquid has a lower carbon footprint than pre-mixed.

Here are our top picks for sustainable washing-up liquid:

1. Homethings

With the slogan “Rethink What’s Under Your Sink”, Homethings offer a range of waterless, concentrated, plant-based, cruelty-free and non-toxic home cleaning products. Their superior solution for washing-up liquid is a dissolvable powder-to-gel sachet that you mix with water at home to create an eco-friendly wash soap without using any plastic. You can buy a post-consumer recycled plastic reusable bottle from Homethings or simply use one you already have. You can also get home-compostable, eco-friendly sponges to do your washing up and order everything on subscription for ultimate ease.

2. Eco Max

Eco Max is a Canadian brand that manufactures household cleaning products using 100% green electricity. Their products only contain biodegradable and renewable ingredients. You can order their concentrated washing-up liquid in large recycled-plastic packages and refill your own containers, helping you cut the amount of plastic you use.

Their washing-up liquid is vegan, SLS-free and comes in a range of scents, as well as a fragrance-free hypoallergenic version that’s great if you have little ones or sensitive skin! You can pick up Eco Max’s washing-up liquid alongside their other household products, like all-purpose cleaner and detergent, from Ethical Superstore.

3. Splosh

Splosh offer refills and a subscription service for washing up liquid,, as well as a range of other household products. They cut their carbon footprint by sending you a super-concentrated mix of their washing-up liquid for you to mix with water at home. Better for the planet and super handy for you!

Splosh’s products use SLES, which is a gentler form of SLS and is kinder on the skin. On their website, they state that their SLES is ethically sourced and has been approved by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. They’ve made the decision to use it because that lets them create a concentrated product suitable for home-mixing, reducing the carbon footprint of their shipping.

4. Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet are another company offering concentrated refills, but theirs come in the form of nifty water-soluble sachets. Most companies providing water-soluble products only offer cleaning sprays, but Iron & Velvet have come up with a clever solution for washing up liquid. You get fragrance sachets and a powder sachet which you add to the bottle together and add hot water to – the liquid thickens as it cools, creating a classic washing-up liquid consistency. It’s like magic!

Choose from Sweet Orange, Lemongrass or Fragrance Free washing up liquid and pick up some other cleaning product sachets while you’re there!

5. Bio-D

UK-based bio-D offer a range of household cleaning products made from natural, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients and packaged in recycled plastic bottles. They’ve also developed a closed-loop system for their 20L bottles which allows them to be sent back and reused – which is why you’ll find bio-D products in many refill stores around the UK. Bio-D offer Fragrance Free, Grapefruit or Mandarin washing-up liquid in 750ml, 5L or 20L containers (if you want to refill your own bottles at home). They also have plastic-free dishwashing bars and dishwasher tablets available.

6. Bower Collective

Bower Collective are a leading company offering refills for household products. We love their circular business model. You buy your dispensers separately (or use one you already have) and they send you refills of your washing-up liquid in reusable pouches. Once you’ve dispensed, you send the pouches back to them to reuse.

Bower Collective’s eco washing-up liquids are SLS-free and come in gorgeous scents like grapefruit and peach. You can even set up a subscription so you’ll never run out! As well as washing up liquid, they’re also a one-stop shop for detergent, body wash and kitchen accessories.

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