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5 brands for sustainable morning routines in lockdown

Just because we aren’t leaving the house to go to work doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep sprucing up in the mornings! We’ve previously written about how small individual changes can make a big impact and to help you start we've compiled our favourite brands that the team here at The Beagle Button use to keep sustainably fresh!

Earth Conscious

Take a close look at the way most of us avoid sweating and you’ll realise that something stinks. Deodorant and antiperspirant tubes are made of multiple different types of plastic, which is a nightmare for recycling facilities. Then they are filled with parabens, aluminium, triclosan and phthalates - chemicals with an increasing amount of research suggesting they cause us harm. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Earth Conscious is a UK-based company that uses all natural ingredients in plastic-free packaging to take care of our underarms in a sustainable, healthy way. They’re cruelty free, vegan society approved and donate 10p from every sale to the Marine Conservation Society - our favourite kind of company! Vitally, the product itself is great. Essential oils are used for light fragrances that really do smell great - Grapefruit & Lemon is a personal favourite!

Their slogan is “we love your pits”, and we love them for it.

Explore their full range of deodorants

Zao Essence of Nature

The makeup box can be a hard thing to tackle from a sustainability standpoint. Typically it’s full of plastic bottles and chemical concoctions being applied to our skin. That’s where Zao comes in, with natural and organic ingredients in a variety of refillable products. All of their products come in recycled cardboard boxes, and to cushion some of the more delicate items, they use biodegradable eco peanuts made from corn starch. You can get refills for their products which are delivered in bamboo packaging.

What we really like about Zao is how transparent they are about the challenging nature of providing high quality makeup in a sustainable manner. They have a comprehensive FAQ and plastic policy given top billing on their website, no attempts to hide the truth here!

Get some transparency into your routine with their range of beauty products.

Mutiny Shaving

The issue with traditional shaving implements is in the name - “disposable” razors. Plastic razors are not recyclable and yet we are throwing billions of them away each year. Mutiny are solving this with a plastic free razor and an array of chemical and cruelty free products to go with it.

We recommend their Mutiny Box as it has everything you need to get started on your plastic free shaving life. In their words, “Everything in the box is reusable, recyclable, vegan, animal and eco friendly. We wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t!”.

A final commendation is that they have stripped away the unnecessary features and excessive marketing that traditional shaving brands use, meaning their products are very fairly priced compared to existing options!

See all Mutiny Shaving products.

Beauty Kubes

Showers are where some of our best thoughts occur, and multiple times that thought has been “does there really need to be so much plastic in here!?”. And within those plastic bottles are hair and body products that are full of chemicals. Beauty Kubes offers a refreshing alternative.

They make natural, vegan products in plastic-free packaging. And if you’re thinking you’ve tried this before, just to be left with a crumbling slippery shampoo bar, that’s where the “kubes” side of things comes into play. Their products come in individual cubes so you can keep your supply dry whilst taking one into the shower when needed. Finally, everything is handmade in Cornwall!

Explore the full Beaty Kubes range.

Majo Medicine

Majo Medicine is a natural, ethical and organic skincare brand making cruelty free, vegan products filled with high quality organic ingredients. All of their products are made in the UK, and all of their packaging is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Plastic is hard to avoid entirely for a beauty brand, as they have to use it in some cases a safety constraint. Where they are forced to do so, they minimise use.

We love their product range, and in particular the bearded members of the team swear by their face & beard oil!

Shop Majo Medicine.

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