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Welcome to super-easy sustainable shopping with Beagle!

First, let’s make sure the button is visible

Click the extension button in the browser toolbar and press the pin icon next to The Beagle Button

How do I use it?


Browse for products, just like normal

Most UK online retailers supported: Amazon, Asos, IKEA and many more


We automatically scan for products

Fully anonymous scanning protects your privacy. Read our policy


Better alternatives pop up!

Beagle is always available in the menu, click the Beagle icon to discover more

Show me some examples

How do I set my preferences?

Screenshot of the preferences panel
  • 1. Click this icon in the menu bar: Beagle icon
  • 2. Press “Settings”
  • 3. Select what matters most to you

Pick the values that mean the most to you and we’ll make sure to take them into account when finding better alternatives for you.

Want to read more about how we score products?

Check out our ethical collections

Help & Questions

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send us an email at
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